Here is a collection of items that have helped me in my soapmaking journey.


  • The Everything Soapmaking Book - An earlier edition of this book was instrumental in my early soapmaking days.
  • Pure Soapmaking - I initially checked this book out at my local library before I decided I needed to add it to my collection. It is a beautiful book that makes it a joy to look through.
  • Scientific Soapmaking - This probably shouldn't be your first soapmaking book but definitely check it out when you are ready to take your soapmaking to the next level.
  • Soap and Cosmetic Labeling - Please make sure you have plenty of experience before trying to sell your soap. After you have that experience, do yourself a favor and pick up this book.
  • Essential Oil Safety - The definitive book on essential oils.

Soapmaking Tools

  • KD-8000 Scale - The highest recommended soapmaking scale there is. The KD-7000 is nice as well but do yourself a favor and get the AC adapter and disable the energy saving feature. It's really annoying when your scale turns off in the middle of weighing.
  • Triton Scale - The .01g accuracy is essential if you try your hand at lip balms or other cosmetics using small quantities. It's also really nice for blending essential oils.
  • Beakers - The light weight keeps from maxing out the capacity of your .01g scale while encouraging your mad scientist tendencies.
  • Chefman Stick Blender - A nice blender with ten different colors to choose from as well. I'm not saying that the colors will make you a better soapmaker but ....okay, it will make you a better soapmaker if you need an excuse.
  • 3.5 Cup Funnel Pitchers - Great for controlling your soap pour. You should probably avoid these if you pour at a thick trace though.
  • Etekcity Infrared Thermometer - An affordable laser thermometer that is great for keeping an eye on your oil or lye temperature.
  • Essential Depot Lye - A dependable quality lye at a great price.
  • Individual Wire Soap Cutter - An affordable wire soap cutter that is great for the hobby soapmaker. The cuts are so much cleaner than my old pastry scraper.

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